[NI002] Original information was that the name was Kirsten GRANT.

[NI013] Died at age 43 in childbirth with 6th child.
Tombstone says Ann Wallace. Death registration says Annie Wallace.
Presumed birth says Annie Wallace.

[NI029] Description: Birth could be 6/2/1843

[NI034] Working from birth certificate in June 2000. Registered 16 June 1879 by mother.
(Copy made 23 April 1887.)

[NI035] Birth registered in Eccleshall Bierlow, Sheffield.

[NI046] Mother, Mary STEVENS, was a housemaid at 19 Great Quebec Street, St. Marylebone.

Dorothy was born Gertrude Winifred STEVENS. Her name was changed to
Dorothy HAMMOND when she was adopted by the Hammonds.

She began life at an address in Quebec Street in London. She was then moved to a Methodist orphanage in Preston, Lancs. (Suspect information) After two years there she was adopted by the Hammonds. They raised her as a Catholic.

[NI058] George had sisters called Sarah & Lizzie. Lived at Farnworth, near

[NI069] Listed as Gardiner Mgt on a family tree. Could this be a Margaret who
became GARDINER on marriage? In the same family tree there are
abbreviations of names such as Jas. for James.

[NI070] According to the chart form George Murray, this man had children called Leonie, Alice and Annie.

[NI071] In chart via George Murray, this man is labelled as Peter MURRAY and he has children Arthur, Daisy and Robert. His wife's name may have been Sara.

[NI079] It is said that Leslie was conceived in Scotland and born in Canada: which puts time limits on the date of travel.

[NI088] Died in infancy.

[NI089] Shown as Nigel on the original chart. Joan thought he had been
introduced as Noel and I thought he was Neil.

Alasdair MacRae, who knows him personally, knopws him as Nigel.

[NI113] Birth said to registered in Old Machar parish, as was twin sister.

[NI133] The name Isabella FINDLAY is used, since records of gravestones in Rathven Cemetery show this name. It offers no answer as to why there was a Jane KERR in the house, labelled as a stepdaughter in the 1891 Census: this name does not tally with either parent.

[NI135] Said to be from Stonehaven.

[NI138] Child was illegitimate. No details known.

[NI144] Emigrated to Prince Rupert, Canada.
Later joined brother Willie in Saskatoon, Canada.

It is said that all 5 children were born near Inverurie. This would be before Canada?

[NI146] No family.

[NI147] Edith used to live in Washington. She was just 90 when she died.
Said to have emigrated to Winnipeg, Canada.

[NI153] Lived somewhere in the USA.

[NI162] His family all had the surname BURGES in the 1881 Census. By the 1891 Census the surname was being spelt BURGESS. His relationship with Georgina GRAY is not proven, but this unusual name change fits neatly with the name on Jane Burges GRAY's birth certificate. Also, at 3.5 miles, he is the only William BURGES within walking distance of the mother!

[NI166] Use the name Patrick to the point that his wife inadvertently supplied this on marriage documentation (later corrected). Was an auditor or accountant and travelled to do accounts for various clients. Fairly prosperous e.g. the family had a maid.

Once has a flaming row with brother Jimmie, who insisted that the family used to be poor and had no shoes. Pat emphatically denied this.

[NI167] Lived in Larbert in Stirlingshire.
In 1881 Census his name was spelt Nathaniel M. Murray.

[NI168] An illegitimate daughter. She went to Canada and stayed in contact
with Mabel Burnett's mother. Eventually she died and Mabel's mother
received an inheritance, so presumably she had to living relatives.

[NI172] Divorced

[NI198] Marion died the following day from Walter.

[NI209] Was brought up by "Auntie Jean".

[NI218] Originally entered as Gerald Alan Andrew Roedde
Known as Andrew Roedde.

Died in a car crash.

[NI226] Live in Broom Square in Montrose.

[NI230] Morag is the author of the original family tree, covering the descendants of Alexander Murray (1843-1925), which she managed to complete very fully. Her family tree is the basis of the present family tree.

[NI232] Twin of Sarah Murray.
Stole her fiancee and emigrated to Canada.
Lived in Vancouver.
Said to have emigrated to Toronto.

[NI235] He kept a prosperous bee farm in Saskatoon.
Later his sister Kirsten moved into the area.

[NI240] Margaret was a widow at the time of marriage and carried the name
Margaret SIMPSON.

[NI242] Second wife of Alexander Murray.
Told people she was born in Cults. Gave Peterculter as her birthplace in the 1881 Census. Her birth was registered in Banchory-Devenick. These three places are close, but Banchory-Devenick is across the river and in another county!

[NI255] Divorced and no children.
Said to get on very well with the Ann Wallace family (First family).

[NI257] Qulified in Music. Was a music teacher. Did not marry.

[NI268] Spent some time in the North of Canada. Had a reputation as an immoral person e.g. borrowing money from Ronnie Murray's mother and not returning it.

[NI270] Was brought up in a Church of England convent.

[NI271] Rev R N G Murray
42 Lennox Gardens
W Lothian EH49 7QA

01506 845 680

No children.

Church of England minister.
Spent part of life at Wallington in Surrey. Liked to watch cricket.
Was in Navy during WW2, based at Portsmouth.

[NI278] Was a great deal older than Belle: said to be "old enough to be her father".

[NI286] No family.

[NI289] May have divorced Ian.

[NI295] No family.

[NI318] She died at the birth of her twins. They are buried in Shrewsbury.

[NI320] Mabel was a Catholic. Despite this, she seems to have been a favourite of the CofE Ronnie Murray.

[NI321] Died in infancy. Perhaps at 9 months. Suggested that they were born in Buckie.

[NI326] See Alasdair for address.

[NI403] Had two children.

[NI404] Had seven children and lived in Bogmoor. His Grandson is Sandy Burgess.

[NI407] Stepdaughter of William GRAY according to the 1891 Census. The wife's maiden name was FINDLAY according to her gravestone. Would this perhaps be a daughter of (divorced) Isabella FINDLAY, carrying the husband's name?

[NI418] Jean CARR was later known as Jane KERR in census documents, although she was referred to by Jane Burges GRAY as "Auntie Jean". It is unknown what happened to her father and to her parents' marriage. Her mother later married William GRAY and later Jean CARR came to live with them. She was labelled in the 1891 Census as "stepdaughter". In the 1901 Census, after the death of her mother, as "housekeeper".

[NF053] Scots Origins marriage in Rosehall 1875. #14815187

[NF066] See Scots Origins #12680474.

[NF073] Marriage witnessed by Francis A GIBSON, George HAMMOND and Sarah Ann FENTON.

[NF082] No children. Jameas was known as Jamie. He had previously been married.

[NF103] No children.

[NS15361] ABBR SOURCE #1

[NS15362] Gravestone at Achness Cemetry

[NS15371] ABBR SOURCE #2

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