Walter Murray and Jane Gray

Walter John Murray

Jean and Walter

24 May 1892 to June 1978

Born in the Foveran parish, north of Aberdeen. Later moved to Buckie with his parents. After marrying Jean they went to Canada.
Worked a large part of his life in the aircraft industry. Entered this initially as a carpenter in the days of wooden structures, including repairs to crashed aircraft in the wilds of Canada. Returned to the UK in the early thirties and soon migrated to the south coast of England, where he spent the rest of his life.

Jane "Jean" Burges Gray

3 March 1895 to 29 Dec 1965.
Born at 00:45am - official! Registered March 16 by John Webster, Registrar - Rathven.

Born in the hamlet of Oran near Buckie (Then in the Rathven Parish). Worked when young in a bookshop in Buckie.


Ronald Alastair Murray

Ron and Joan - click for wedding group photo

4 Dec 1918 to 20 Apr 1995

Married Joan Selina Clara Jenkins, but separated and divorced.

Born in Buckie, Scotland. Worked throughout his life as a fitter in the aircraft industry in the UK. Was once injured when the undercarriage doors of a Harrier jump jet closed on him.


Kenneth Gray Murray

Ken and Pearle

13 Aug 1921 to 23 Aug 1979

Married Pearle Flora Voisey

Born in Buckie, Scotland. Started working life in the aircraft industry as a jig and tool maker. Continued in this line with Otis Elevators back in Canada again at about the beginning of the 1950's.


Leslie John Murray


2 Sept 1923 to 17 March 1993

Married Edith Ethel Cook

Born in Canada. Worked as a draughtsman in the aircraft industry in the UK. Spent part of the War as a navigator in the RAF, mostly in India.


Isobel Jean Murray


27 Dec 1925

Married Kenneth George Patten

Born in Winnipeg, Canada. Did secretarial work in the aircraft industry of UK until travelling to Canada to marry in 1947.


Gordon Arthur William Murray

Gordon Murray

7 Dec 1937

Was married to Harriet Jill Halliday for one year only.

Married Joan Gibson

Born in Portsmouth, UK. Lecturer in Materials Engineering. Spent most of his working life lecturing at Loughborough University. Now retired.



Ron, Gordon, Isobel, Leslie

A photo of four of the children. Ron, Gordon, Isobel and Les.


  A dissolute Christmas in 1958

Christmas 1958 with son Gordon.



Husband's Parents

Alexander Murray and Ann Duff

Wife's Parents

William Burges and Georgina Gray


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