Kenneth Patten and Isobel Murray

Kenneth George Patten


21 Dec 1918

Military service in WW2, when he met Isobel in the UK. Worked as a Grain Inspector in and around Vancouver.

Isobel Jean Murray


27 Dec 1925

Worked as a secretary for Airspeed in Portsmouth UK and later moved to same firm in Bournemouth. Travelled to Vancouver for marriage to Ken at the end of WW2.


Apt #807, 1189 Eastwood Street, Cocquitlam BC, V3B 7N5, Canada.


Leslie Jean Patten

10 May 1948
Married Kenneth Donald McLay.

Barry Kenneth Patten

Married Gail Heather Armstrong 12 November 1949

Shirley Ann Patten

9 March 1954

Judith Lynn Patten

29 April 1959


Husband's Parents

Wife's Parents

Walter and Jean Murray


The Pattens 1959 The Patten family in September 1959.

The Pattens 2000 The Patten family in August 2000.
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