Alexander Murray and Ann Duff

Alexander Murray


Born in the Gamrie and McDuff district of Banff on 1 Jan 1843

Worked as a carpenter later in life. May well have been in farming/crofting earlier.

His first wife, Annie Wallace, died on 16 Nov 1878. He married Ann Duff in the Old Machar district of Aberdeen in 1881.

Ann Duff

Ann DuffBorn 1853 in Banchory-Devenick, Kincardine.
Died 28 November 1941 in Montrose.

She had had one child, Mary Craig Duff, before marrying Alexander. Mary went to Canada and later died without relatives there (a small inheritance was returned to relatives in the UK). Mary was known as Mary Craig Bolton in later life.


Ann Isabella Gauld "Belle" Murray

Abt. September 1882 to abt. 1960


Alexander "Alec" Murray

Alexander with son Alexander Stephenson aka Alistair28 April 1884 to abt. 1960

Married Jessie Campbell Stephenson


Edith Murray

Abt. 1886 to abt. 1976
Married George McPherson


Sarah Murray

Born 8 Jul 1888
Twin to Helen
Married Alexander Cockburn Emslie


Helen Jane Murray

Born 8 Jul 1888
Twin to Sarah
Married William Smith


Ruth Murray

6 April 1890 9 December 1993
Married James Henry Bridgewater


Walter John Murray

Born 24 May 1892 in the Foveran district. Died June 1978

Married Jane Burges Gray.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Murray

Born 25 April 1894
Married James Law Ross


Mabel Catherine Sharpe "Kate" Murray

Born 23 September 1898
Married Robert Lobban


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