Alexander Murray and Annie Wallace

Alexander Murray


Born in the Gamrie and McDuff district of Banff on 1 Jan 1843

Worked as a carpenter later in life. Had been in farming/crofting earlier.

When Annie Wallace died on 16 Nov 1878, he married Ann Duff in the Old Machar district of Aberdeen in 1881.

Annie Wallace

Precise Birth date uncertain, but it appears likely that she was born on 27 May 1834 in the Kilcalmonel/Kilberry district of Argyll.

She died during the birth of her child Wallace, who died three months later. She is buried in a grave at Achness Cemetery (NC 468028). The grave is marked as Ann Wallace, but her death is recorded as Annie Wallace. The use of this name Annie leads to a neatly-fitting birth record referred to above.


James Wallace Murray

Born abt. 1868 in Tyrie, Aberdeenshire.
Married Maria Mitchell


Andrew William "Willie" Murray

Born abt. 1871 in Tyrie.
Married Barbara


Christine "Tinie" Grant Murray

Born abt. 1872 in Greenbrae, Sutherland.
Died 1962
Married Peter Stephen


Peter Murray

Born abt. 1875 in Greenbrae, Sutherland.
Died 18 May 1926


Nathanael Munro Murray

Born abt. 1877 in Greenbrae, Sutherland.


Wallace Alexander Murray

Born 16 Nov 1878, or very shortly before, in Greenbrae.
He died when he was three months old and is buried with his mother.

Family Links

Husband's Parents

Andrew Murray and Christian Grant

Wife's Parents

Research in progress Were most probably John Wallace and Mary McCallum.


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