Greenbrae - mid 19th century

In April 2000 we made another visit to the area. We wanted to have another look at the area for sentimental reasons, particularly to see the ruins which were said to still exist on the site. There are some marked on current OS maps at NC509013. It did not take long to realise that there is now a new track in place which goes straight through this area.

This was depressing after coming so far! Happily we stayed just a little longer and made a call at the building at NC506020 and met Alasdair Macrae and his family. Alasdair is descended from someone who had a plot the equivalent of Greenbrae and he too is a family tree addict.

After treating us to an interesting time and providing us with some new information about the Murrays, he took us to show where he believed Greenbrae to have been. This was to the West of a track marked on the OS map roughly between the limits NC518004 and NC518010.

Alasdair Macrae also gave us a copy of one of the adverts that led to the farming of Greenbrae and other plots.

Advertisment 1870


  The beautiful ESTATES of ROSEHALL and
CULRAIN are now being FEUED, in perpetuity, in
ALLOTMENTS of any required size from 20 to 2000 Acres each.
THOUSANDS OF ACRES may be reclaimed by ploughing.
Many of the larger allotments are bounded by the RIVER CASS-
LEY in which there is excellent Salmon Angling. The CULRAIN
STATION of the Sutherland Railway is on that Estate and the
Estate of Rosehall is five miles distant from the INVERSHIN STA-
TION. These stations are reached in twelve hours from Edin-
burgh or Glasgow. The rate of Feus is about Six Shillings per
Acre, but lower terms will be taken for lots above 1000 acres. Such
an opportunity of acquiring, in absolute property, on easy terms,
any extent of land, has never before occurred in this country, AND
GIVES AT HOME, all the advantages of Emigration to America. The
Feus may be redeemed at any time to One Pound on each hold-
ing by paying 25 years' purchase of the feu-duty.

  Mr DONALD STALKER, Forester at Rosehall, will show the
Lands, and applications for Feus may be made to Mr George G
Mackay, Rosehall, by Ardgay, N B.

Location of Greenbrae

Maybe I should have got a 1:25000 map before, but it had to be ordered specially. When it came, there was Green Braes Wood marked on the map as bold as you please! Some 130 acres as it now is defined.

Greenbrae as it now is


It appears that it is still marked on the modern 25,000 scale maps.


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